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My favorite thing about Lauren’s photography work is that she is authentic…she cares about capturing sincere moments of affection, excitement or simple contentment, without posing or barking orders, as I’ve seen other photographers do.


I’ve seen a lot of photographers in action in the industry. Lauren does an excellent job photographing and interacting with brides and other members of the family and wedding party. Her composure and calm demeanor allow the bride to feel relaxed and at ease, and therefore capture some great and candid shots that show the true emotion of the day. I will continue to recommend her for special occasion and portrait photography.

{Vendor, Classic Party Rentals}

Working with Lauren was delightful! She has an uncanny ability to give direction that makes your photos look natural and SUPER flattering. She is sweet and creative and really wowed my husband and I with the results. If only we had known her when we got married I would have booked her in a heart beat! We will definitely work with her again.

-Nicole & Jonathan

As Lauren’s second shooter, I’ve had the privilege of having her as both a shooting partner and a mentor. Many people can point a camera at something beautiful and push the button, but few have the ability to capture emotion in a photo, and even fewer still have the ability to draw emotion from the audience with a photo. I’ve learned from her ability to connect with her subject, to form a relationship that creates trust and comfort and to create artwork that is both unique, but also original and truthful to the person in the shot. I’ve learned many things from being mentored by her, but some things just can’t be taught and can’t be learned and those are the things that set a photographer apart from the others.

{Photographer, Jeremy Tolmen Photography}

My boyfriend and I shared the wonderful experience of shooting some “just for fun” photos with Lauren Alisse Photography. We came to her with ideas, and with her creative genius and artistic touch, our photos turned out better than we had imagined. I refer all my friends and family to Lauren Alisse Photography for high quality, original, and all-around beautiful photos.


Lauren Alisse has the unique gift of being a caring and thoughtful photographer with a big heart and a creative eye – together she has the professional flare to capture exactly what you’re looking for! I highly recommend Lauren Alisse Photography.

-Kimberly King, KFMB Channel 8 News